Speaker at IPIC2023, International Conference on Physical Internet

Our CEO, Mr. Nakadai made a presentation on eNegotiation for Logistics Resource Reservation at IPIC2023, an international conference on Physical Internet. In Europe, the Physical Internet is led by ALICE (Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe), and IPIC is an international conference organized by ALICE.

Unlike Japan, logistics data infrastructures in Europe and the United States are decentralized and designed to allow logistics service providers to exchange data with each other. For example, projects such as FENIX and FEDeRATED are in progress. In this presentation, we proposed the use of eNegotiation, a protocol for coordination and consensus building among platforms, as the next step after decentralized data sharing. eNegotiation is an international standard that will be adopted in 2022 by UN/CEFACT, the international standards body for EDI. It is an international standard for EDI.

It is envisioned that information such as truck availability will be managed by multiple service providers in a decentralized data management manner, while coordination will take place between platforms when they want to use the information. Current services for cargo seeking and vehicle matching are closed within a platform, but we believe that when the Physical Internet is realized, it should be possible to match between different platforms as well.